Murder, Anyone?
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Murder, Anyone?

Murder, Anyone?

Two playwrights, George and Charlie, are tasked with the challenge of creating the next ‘avant-garde, surrealistic, mind-bending neo-noire thriller’. As they write, the story comes to life in real time. However, their own emotions and arguments also begin to manifest on film, creating sharp twists and turns that affect the entire movie. Filled with hilarity and chaos, Murder, Anyone? is a comedic play-within-a-play-within-a-movie that contemplates the complexities of language, art, theater, film and more.

Genre: Comedy, Crime

Actor: Kristos Andrews, Galadriel Stineman, Maurice LaMarche

Director: James Cullen Bressack

Country: United States

Quality: HD

Duration: 1h 21m

Release: 2022

IMDb: 7.4/10